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Bluesman Holy Grail 58/59 Set:

The original Holy Grail set was a limited run of Vintage Wire pickups wound to P.A.F. standards from a short supply of 1958 and 1959 Plain Enamel spools.  They are long gone.

These sets are built with all the same parts as the original Holy Grail sets but with modern plain enamel wire.  The biggest difference is going to be that these modern wire sets will be much more consistent and focused on the specs I got on the sets I kept for my personal collection.    The 1959 sets were very inconsistent when wound from the spools which was an indicator of the lack of quality control back in the golden era of Gibson Pickups.  That wire made for some very distinct tonal properties that are not present in modern wire that has much stricter guidelines of manufacture.  You can get close though.

The 1958 Spec sets will be fairly equal DC in the mid to high 7k range (7.5-7.9k) for both neck and bridge and  can be used interchangeably.

The 1959 Spec sets will be specific to the Neck/Bridge position and will be ~7.5-8.0k Neck and ~8.0-8.4k Bridge.

The LTD sets came in wooden boxes made in house; these sets will come in the standard Sigil Pickups packaging.  Below are a few video reviews of the original Vintage Wire Holy Grail sets.

Doug and Pat working their magic!

“Got the 59 pickups put in. I really like them. Maybe a hair brighter, clearer in the mids, a little more low end resonance that doesn’t flub out, and a little more output than my custombuckers. They just sound bigger, and still clean up well with the volume knob. They also respond pretty well to the tone knobs. I also like how lively they are. I don’t take it easy on volume. These things always have this upper harmonic thing happening like they’re about to take off, and somehow hold on. Thank you sir. I appreciate the business. You’ve got a great product here.” – Alex C.