Bluesman DV Shaw Revival


Bluesman DV Shaw Revival

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Bluesman DV Shaw Revival Set:

  • True Shaw Clones built with the same era Poly wire.
  • Exact coil clones with special blend A2 magnets
  • ~7.2k Neck / 7.6k Bridge
  • Option for Plain Enamel*

“In 1981 Gibson realized that there was a consumer demand for the sound of original P.A.F. pickups. Engineer Tim Shaw designed a pickup that aimed to replicate the early design, reversing changes made in the 1960s and 1970s: a new bobbin without the “T”, a correct small square hole back in both bobbins, and Alnico magnets. Shaw’s efforts are generally considered to be the first of many recreations of the P.A.F. humbucking pickup. However Gibson did not take Tim Shaw’s recommendation to use plain enamel magnet wire due to cost concerns. As a result, Shaw era pickups still use polysol magnet wire.”  – Wikipedia

I’m a Shaw pickup fan, always loved the tone and now offer these clones in tribute.  Historically accurate Shaw’s will use Poly wire; I have a spool of early 1980’s red poly for the job.  Some Shaw pickups also had the more orange poly as well, but I prefer the sound of the red stuff as it’s a touch mellower and not as sharp.  For Proper Shaw Clones, choose the ‘Sessions’ set.

*You also have the option for ‘Vintage’ spec which uses Plain Enamel wire and is what Tim Shaw wanted to build.  Through these clones, his original concept can become a reality!  Tone and specs would make these closer to the early Holmes style ’57 Classics when Gibson was actually using Plain Enamel, but again they reportedly changed things for budgetary reasons and dropped the wire on later ’57 Classic pickups, and a lot of the tone went with it (as did Tom!)

Recently Sigil Pickups rebuilt a set of 1982 Shaws for a customer and he’s fully described the journey in this forum thread.  Thanks again Darrell for the pleasure of the experience and trusting in Sigil to get the job done!

*Darrell V, a prominent member of the MyLesPaul forum has recently passed away.  I always considered him a friend and all around fantastic human.  As tribute I’ve chosen to rename the set to honor his memory.  Rest in Peace buddy; you’ll be missed.