Bluesman Midnight Specials


Bluesman Midnight Specials

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Bluesman Midnight Special Set:

  • ~7.0k Neck / ~7.4k Bridge
  • A4 Magnets
  • similar voice to the Chicago ’68 set but a touch more grit and grind to them.  Think CCR, Neil Young, The Band

I’ve had a Yamaha Revstar with humbuckers for a while and although the guitar resonated well when unplugged, the pickups didn’t have the treble I like.  The stock pickups simply didn’t have much chime even after upgrading the volume pot to 500k.  The owner of Sigil pickups was kind enough to go back and forth with me and listen to what I wanted sound-wise and make a few recommendations.  His recommendations matched what I was hearing in the audio clips, and I went with the Midnight Specials.  The tone is very P90-ish.  The neck pickup sounds very open without the heavy midrange you hear on many PAF pickups.  The bridge pickup has more midrange than the neck giving a good contrast without sounding dissimilar.  Honestly, the song Midnight Special gives a great example of how these sound.  The neck sounds like the rhythm guitar, and the lead guitar sounds like the lead pickup.  With these pickups my Revstar has become my number 1 guitar.