1960 True Vintage Stratocaster LTD (Single Pickups)


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1960 True Vintage Stratocaster LTD

Stratocaster pickups wound with vintage 1960 Formvar wire.  Very Limited Edition.

The Sigil True Vintage Stratocaster pickup set is a limited edition set wound with a rare stash of 1960 Formvar wire.  The bobbins are assembled with 1959 staggered magnets and the wire is hand wound just like the originals were done by Leo Fender back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.   True Vintage Wire = True Vintage Tone.

There are a few sets in the early 50’s range at low to mid 5k and a bunch in the early 60’s range at low to mid 6k.  Color ranges from a ruddy orange color to a more orange/red color depending on the spool used; all sets will be from the same color spool and will match in cosmetics and specs.

  • Vintage spec A5 magnets in 1959 stagger:  0.671 | 0.671 | 0.710 | 0.710 | 0.630 | 0.650
  • Hand wound just like the originals
  • Option for RWRP
  • Option for Left Hand orientation
  • Covers in Black, White, Parchment, Mint, Cream.
  • Vintage style Tubing to mount

“All I can say is WOW! What a huge improvement in tone they make They sound so much more full and dynamic. I compared them to 3 other guitars I have with single coils in them that I like and I can say that except for one of my other ones that might have a little more output than your, yours were the best sounding of the bunch!

I think you have a winner with these pickups. What I like about them is that every position and pickup combination sound different but still very good. The quack is there and so is the punch. Besides maybe trying a combo magnet set in the bridge I wouldn’t change a thing.”

-Tony F. ’54 Vintage/Modern